Friday, April 1, 2011

Grooming workshop..

kwang kwang!!! huhhuu lama betul dh rasa x ber blogging (walhal baru 3hari)..ahhahaha bukan apa, actually i am a little bit busy with the newest project which is Grooming Workshop..wahahaha this event had invited Herliza Helmi and Hafiz Hamidun as our VIP, well they are all really friendly and nice to be together..a lot of picture i had shoot with them. i am really enjoy with this project eventhough i have a lot of job and quiet busy to handle it, but still have a time to get picture with them.
all of this is the picture from my handphone..and i got a folder in my lappy.eheheheh

hehehehe hopefully you all don't be jealouse with me..huhuhu
it is just like a luck to be beside of him and her...
artis la katakan...huhuhu
well, love both of them..

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