Thursday, April 14, 2011

end or not?????????

this another 5 minutes, i will submit my url to my lecturer through email..hmm i'm not ready, even my blog got the widget, but it's too heavy to's take time..i afraid that it will reduce my mark..

my life????????? still pack. huh! this friday i got another event, which is Secangkir Kasih Sekalung Budi.. this is about having a time with OKU, well, i don't know what to say, the progress is still going in..which i thought it supposed to be settel by tomorrow at noon. but if it still in progress we might have a problem. well we will see.

another story????? about what? i think i don't have any story right now. because my head is just like want to explode..

actually, i just finish crying.. (itu pun nk ckp)  not because of missing my family, but it because of him. i miss him a lot. why we can't being together again?  that was i thought just now...then, my mind moved to my activities here. i think that i had fail in doing my job.. why is that my mistake is always being an example to another student? is that means that i'm not  good? my job's quality is reducing? huh!!! i can't think anymore. and what i can do is just crying....

i will blame myself for every mistake that i had done..but plss
plssssss forget my mistake and i will come out with a better job....

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