Sunday, April 3, 2011

my buffday

fuh... my buffday.. ermm pada mlm tu memang hambar jer rasa..becoz my fren make it quiet and do not wish at me.. i also do not sign in into facebook.. i don't want to get frust becoz of this... so i make it like a normal life..
if i still have my tagged 's account.. i'm sure must be a lot of wishes i can get from there..

by the way, i still happy becoz..he still remembered at me. and he is the first person wished me for my besday.. which is sharp on 1200 am on 2 april... but still not satisfied, becoz from the first year we met, until now, we don't get a time to celebrate..even his buffday or my buffday or our anniversarry... i don't know why it is happen..

but this a few hours ago, my friend had ask me to go to our friend's room which is after 2 or 3 romms from mine. i thought it is really important and urgent becoz she had rushed and make me feel to get hurry to reach there.
once i enter the room, all my friends were there singing happy besday's song for me...i'm really get touch.. i don't know when did they buy all that foods...from marry brown wooo.. then we were eating together...story2... a lot of lough...and very happy..but we can't shoot a photo becoz all of us is quiet sexy...hahhhaahahahahah
so... eventhough it is simple..but i really get touch..becoz they still remembered my buffday..huhuuhuhu

wish 1 day, he will give me a cake like this..
i must be surprised for it,,,becoz we had never celebrate for our special day...
miss u a lot...

1 comment:

shafinaz said...

untung la crispy jika si dia still ingat kan awk an...:)


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