Tuesday, April 12, 2011

my exam shedule draft one

this is my first draft for my final exam..fuh!!!!!!! can i say that i'm not ready to take a final exam....i'm not in the good mood to take exam right now..i'm still frustrating about my love..by the way, it is really hard to go through for my schedule, and luckily this night i'm not really busy, and at last, i can build a new table to draw out my exam..huhuhuhu

and now? this is my final exam for this semester.... hopefully i can do it well in my final exam...
i am really hope for this semester i got a good gred, because this semester i only got 6subject...huuhuhu

Tarikh Masa Tempat Subjek Group Lecturer
07/05/2011 9:00 am DMAS STID1103 A Mohd Tarmizi
09/05/2011 9:00 am DMAS BWBB3043 A Pn Zunarni
12/05/2011 2:30 pm DMAS BPMM1013 E En Hasnizam
13/05/2011 9:00 am DTSO BWBB3063 A En Ghazali
18/05/2011 9:00 am BK3(FWB)GLUL3093 A Pn Azlin Namili
23/05/2011 8:30 pm DTSO BWBB3033 B Pn Zunarni

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