Monday, April 11, 2011

once again on me!!!!!!

argh!!! once again, mr. stress come to me and proposed to be with me for this couple of week. i hate you mr stress.. please stay away from me..please.... i am begging you...go away... huhuuhu

this week, i had past my banking law;s exame, and i don't know what is the best result for me.. then after this, this coming thursday i need to submit an individual assigment of international trade and finance, others needs to submit this blog by email.hopefully i will not miss overlook this one again.. then on 15th april, need to attend the project that i involve, after that on 16th april is time for quiz of my KOKEY...hahaha (my last semester for KOKEY)...than, make some gap to study a bit for International Banking on 19th april..fuh!!!!!!!!!! (last midsem)
after that on 21st april is for third assigment of STID of power point. lastly my last project for this semester  which is Darbian Day on 22nd april.

how????? i want to focus on my study???? 
how i want to manage my quizes???????
and how i want to make a better midsem?????????
please i need a time...
give me an extra time please...

Argh!!!!!!!!!!!!!! when i got time to do all this thing??????????????
talk about time...hahaha in my last class for today, i sat next to this guy, he came from same matric and now in the same course. had a talk with him, since he is JKPS for his DPP, so my friend and i ask him how he manage his study.. he said just like everyone.. then i ask him, how much he get for his SIRA and he answering "baru 52 sira" huh?????!!!!!!!!!!!! we were shock.. he said BARU!!!!!!!!! i only got 15 SIRA since i study in UUM..pergh!!!!!!! he is really awsome! then we ask one more thing that quiet important... what is you pointer for last semester... and know what kind of answer he give us???? he said.. "aku dapat 3.33 je" uh????!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he is really great.. we were really got shock when he used the word JE!!!!!!!!

pergh! he is really great.. idon't know how he manage his time.. what about his girlfriend? what about his social life? what about his like and interest?
and he also said that he always sleep at 5 am and get to class on 8am.. just a little time he take for sleep?
if that happen to me and mira.. i think all class at 8 am will be finish!

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