Thursday, April 14, 2011


huh! lucky for me because i had read the instruction in the learningzone  about the criteria that is needed in this assigment...guess what? i forgot to put in my full name and my matric number.... aish!

i want to provide a little bit info about me..hehehe
 my name is : Siti Norsaidah binti Mohd Azimi
matric number : 195751
came from Kelantan but was born in Besut Terengganu
age?????? naahh...
what else????????
now i am in 4th semester and will finish within another year (hopefully)
my wish?????????
i hope i can get A for this STID1103 
group  A
BUT not for A only... must got A with the skills that have been teached in this class
tweng tweng (^^,)

th newest picture that i have?????????

that's all......

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