Saturday, April 9, 2011


huh!!!!!!!!!!!!! i might have headache for this semester....this is all because of her! huh what the fuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i don't know why, i'm always blamming you for every mistake that happen in my life.. i can see that you are not happy with my presence in your life.. you always not satisfied whatever i got, whatever i have.. i hate you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
eventhough u also give me a lot of help, but in the same time you make me down, u make my mistake, and now, i don't know why, i feel really bad. you get me down! please.... i don't want to see you anymore.. after all this thing setel, i don't want to work with you anymore.
 stay away from me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i hate youuuuuuuu.............

i'm really sorry if u are walking to my blog and read about this, i am really sorry. but my insteam said it like this, my feel might go wrong, but only you know what you have done to me. i am not saying all this stupid thing just because i hate you, but i can't accept all this thing anymore.. i can't bear it anymore. you always show that u are the perfect one and others is always wrong. if you don't like me, please...with my pleasure, go away from my life, don't bother me anymore... please....
i'm begging you....

I HATE YOU!!!!!!

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