Saturday, March 19, 2011

pergh!!!!! dah lewat...

fuh... it almost 4 am..i'm still burning oil in the midnight <entah betul entah tidak peribahasa aq tu> hahahaahha..
from 8pm, i'm walking from blog to blog to find an interesting widget.huhuhuhu at last, i only get the cursor, and how to hide the shoutmix..ermm for a long time..only that was i got. <betul x ayat tu?mcm salah jer???> hehehe den baru nk blajor ckp orang puteh..
    the better one, i had add one more friend on facebook and yahoo massanger, he had approved on fb but still not in ym. he showed friendly to me, and willing to help me in this kind of assigment..huhuhu i also got a few followers from friends in my group. fuh! it's very tiring when i need to find more widget, be a blogwalker, from night to midnight, until morning just for this..huhuhu

actually, i want to share something else, i think it is quiet interesting, last night i had stay up until 5 am, <but when my fren ask, i told her until 3am only> then, i got a long sleep..guest until what time i woke up.. 5.38 pm teet!!!
fuh..i'm awake because my friend had called me for a disscussion. then..i had rushly, walking fast to get there. but in the middle of the road, she ahd massage me that disscusion is over. huh! it give me headache..huhuhuhu..but while waiting for my friends, behind the bus stop. i found something.

pergh!! i feel weird. i thought in university's area, is one of the place which people cannot smoke. but why i can find this thing?!!! <tempat untuk buang abu rokok ada diletakkan bersama dengan tong sampah?>
for me.. this thing might give more reason for student to smoke..
<aku rasa benda ni patutnya leh issued kot.kenapa perlu ada LARANGAN MEROKOK DIDALAM KAWASAN UNIVERSITI .....>

korang yang baca blog aq ni pikir2 lah.. apa yg aq rasa ni betul ke tidak..apa yang aq issued ni betul ke tidak.pada sang lelaki, aq rasa benda ni xkisah pada aq, aq rasa mcm pihak sini xpatut letak benda ni, atau pun xpatut bg undang2 mcm tu. pilih la salah satu..huhuhuhu

niat aq cuma nk bg pihak yang sepatutnya nampak je.. <kalau diorang baca blog aq>hahahahhahhaah

p/s : jgn marah kalau blog aq berbunyi English..sbb assigment STID memerlukan blog yg berbahasa inggeris..hahahahaha..


Mohd Fauzie said...

ha ah~ huhu.. Unversity Larangan merokok, apsl leh ada bnda tuh.. huhu

crazycrispy said...

itu pun pelik. kalau diorang saman, so jangan bayar yer tuan2..haahahaha


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