Thursday, March 10, 2011

oh jerawat !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

oooooooooooo cik jawat dah naik di muka ku...adessss...bukan sebijik, tp ada la 2 3 bijik, kalau cik jawat kecik xpelah org xnampk...people can't see why u are growing too fast???? u are big and really painfull for me. Ouch!!!... i can't stand with u any more...please leave me alone cik jawat..please..... i'm begging u...huhuhuhuhu...

several causes why u are staying on my face 
1. not enough sleep <tidur lambat>
2. having monthly holiday
3. having problem with my digestion
4. stress
5. got much problem running in my head
6. not taking good care about my facials..

huhuhuhu  sometimes, when i am alone, i always think about the statements that every people have their own speciality and weakness, but i always saw my weaknes..i can't see my speciality.. in my surrounding, i can see that my friends are all good in beauty, but me???? they have a perfect shape, beautiful and smart as well..
sometimes when walking besides them, i got a low confidence level..and i feel shy..huhuhuhu
until today, i can't find my speciality..

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