Tuesday, March 22, 2011

i'm not well

fuh... i am sick! that is the first statement for my condition now. i'm not feeling well. i'm having flu, and sometimes i'm coughing. it feel like suffer when we are sick! our moves is stuck. we cannot do our job fluently..
and now on.. i'm still does not have a time to study for my STID midsem.. i got a lot of job in student activities.
i am in sponsorship bureau, i am also in gift bureau, and within this week i am also a leader for the DPP Gotong - Royong. for sponsorship bureau, i had skip my class for 2times in the same class. for the gift bureau, i had done my jobs, but for one more thing, is the certification. i can't catch up AJK's ic number. for my project, it have been approved this evening. and i think it's too late to borrow some kind of utensils for cooking.

fuhhhh!!!! i'm not manage my project nicely, but chasing for their project hardly. and what i get for that??? it's just a tears. very hard to find a sponsor from people out there. we are not the only one thats need money, but having in 14 DPP for that. i need to compete with them to get the money, because the space for the sources is too narrow..

this is the first meeting that successfully can flow out my tears..i don't know what to do.. u all not appreciate what we have done..furthemore, u all critics our job.
i am give up right now. u make me so down!

this is the result. for these a few days. like it????


Mathew Mike said...

memang perit rasanya..tp bila dah start keja nnti lg la sakit..sy pun jkps MAS..tdur jam 3am hr2..rasa kalau boleh mau ja ada 8hr dlm seminggu..blh jg rest 1 hr..bertahan ja k (^^,)

crazycrispy said...

tp kadang2 sedih..sbb ada org pertikaikan keje yang kita buat.. xpernah kena mcm ni..huhuhu itu pasal agak terkilan sikit.


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